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Easy and performing, at your side every day

Mega is the line of Gierre professional ovens dedicated to Light Pastry & Bakery.

The high versatility and cost optimisation make MEGA ovens accomplices of success in the kitchen.

As just made

Bread and bakery dealers, supermarkets, delicatessens and chains of pastry and bakery shops: these and many other professional businesses require ovens for immediate use and at the same time powerful, reliable and easy use "at first sight".

When simplicity becomes the main focus, MEGA ovens are the real and true point of reference in the segment of professional "light” ovens.

Digital control panel (D)

- On/Off button
- Oven light on/off button
- Start/Stop button
- Fan speed setting and rapid cooling button 
- Core probe (optional)
- Temperature display
- Temperature setting
- Time and automatic pre-heating function display
- Time setting and pre-heating selection
- Humidification, fan speed dislpay
- Humidification setting and fan speed
- Programs display
- Programs management

Electromechanical control panel (M)

- On/off knob
- Temperature selection and setting knob
- Time selection and setting knob
- Humidification selection and setting knob

Three speeds reverse rotation
Passo a passo function

Other features

Rounded corners of the cooking chamber
Double tempered glass inspected door
Air conveyor and grid supports easily disassembled