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Ultra concentrated professionalism

BRIO is the line of professional Gierre ovens dedicated to Snackery segment.

The style is clean and the design is linear: Snackery ovens have a new attractive and pleasant look, becoming a furnishing feature in modern kitchens.
Those who used Brio ovens line, recognises their strength. Heating and cooking has never been so simple and fast.

Cooking uniformity

The air flows have been studied and tested in order to obtain a perfect cooking uniformity giving the possibility, thanks also to the humidifying function, to get fragrant and perfectly cooked snacks, even at full load.

The use of stainless steel, the cooking cell with rounded corners, the removable gaskets and door, guarantee a quick and efficient cleaning.

As evidence of Gierre’s products safety and quality, all ovens of the Snackery line are CE certified and CB tested.