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Street food

Our ovens for your needs

Today, street food has become a real worldwide phenomenon, a trend with a huge following, also in Italy. It offers the opportunity to taste quality products at accessible prices, together with the pleasure of eating them outdoors.

In street food kitchens, speed and consistent performance are key factors, and these needs must be satisfied considering small spaces and“in movement” use limitations which characterise this particular type of activity.

Quality street food

Whether your project is a “pizza truck” or an Ape serving delicious freshly baked brioches in the middle of a square, or a mobile “piadina” shop or food truck dedicated to gourmet sandwiches, Gierre, thanks to its Mega and Brio lines, is the ideal partner for those who want quality street food be accessible to people around the world.

Gierre for Street Food

Mega, the easy-to-use and high-performing oven by Gierre, and Brio, offering maximum power in a compact size, represent the ideal solutions for the Street Food market.
In fact, these solutions offer a huge number of benefits including: 

- CB and CE certifications
- compact size, with high performance
- intuitive use, even by non-expert staff
- reverse fan speed rotation
- accurate control of cooking parameters
- humidification for crunchy results
- excellent results in terms of cooking uniformity

- “in view” use of ovens