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Our ovens for your needs

Traditional and modern pastry, sweet and savoury doughs cooked perfectly, famous classics such as sponge cake, profiteroles, brioches, shortcrust pastry, croissants, panettone, but also traditional local cuisine that represent the richness and excellence of our pastry shops: 
this is the world where Gierre is proposing its own solutions

Pastry ovens have been specifically designed to enhance flavours and guarantee cooking uniformity across every trey, regardless of how full it is, allowing the preparation of excellent products with continuity and precision, optimising the working process.

With Gierre, pastry shops can count on a consolidated and specialised partner, with more than thirty years of experience in the professional ovens industry.

Gierre for patisseries

Baketek, Gierre’s expression of excellence, represents the best solution for large laboratories. In fact, Baketek oven offers many benefits like:
- long-lasting resistance against very intense work cycles

- long life, demonstrated by Gierre products still working after over thirty years

- precise control of cooking parameters
- excellent results in terms of cooking uniformity